Virtual Tradeshow Booth Background

Does anyone have a good virtual trade show background that they have used successfully?

We are currently working on it. We have an image for out booth and decided the keep the background more neutral compared to our regular webinar backgrounds. If you want to, I can share what we have so far, but it’s still a work in progress and we are not done with it yet.

We printed out logo across a large white backdrop similar to how you’d see peoples pictures taken at an awards ceremony.

Our speakers or presenters sit/stand in front of it and we frame them into it.

We try to take their clothing into account since it’s mostly white, but it’s worked well so far.

I attached a sample of what it looks like.

We decided to move away from the Trade Show concept and try a different Digital Engagement environment.
We built a Virtual area hosting the main 3 components:

  • Auditorium to host webinars
  • Solution area to show what we talk about
  • the Subject Matter Experts area to share insights
    We use the 3 components in our webinars and social activities in order to drive through the audience.
    This is the link to become a member: